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Luscious Palm Leaves

 Who are we? What is our mission?

When the owner Paulo Coelho started his pousada in Alter do Chão, he wanted something different for his guests. Not the typical luxury experience, but a more connected way of staying in the village. He left the land and the trees that grew on the land almost entirely intact and build the rooms between and around the trees. It's almost as if your living in the forest. The trees provide you with shade and produce also fruits for the local wildlife, which we sometimes can witness, when the local monkeys come from the forest to eat from the trees in the pousada. We offer you an environment where you can really take a break from everything, no busy traffic in our street, no loud music at night and no noise from the beach parties, which sometimes go on until dawn. Off course, if you want to experience a bit of movement and enjoy some (often live) music, the center off town and the "Praya do Amor" are only a 15 minute walk away.


R. Prof. Juvêncio Navarro, 456 - Alter do Chão, Santarém - PA, 68109, Brazil

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