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Eco-Tours Ximango

Ecobase Ximango was built in 2018 in costa do Aritapera community. The land where we hold our dreams is where my mother was born and she is the source of the motivation for all this history. It was the continuous observation of the customs of our families and relatives, that helped me to create a sustainable project and activities that today are selected to compose the ecotourism packages of the Ecobase Ximango.


Paulo Coelho, the founder of the Ecobase Ximango, lived all his childhood in this region, a mixture of Indian and Portuguese, he grew up contemplating the beauties of the Amazon, listening to the birds singing, learning from the beginning the importance of daily activities common to the riverside caboclo, such as; hunting, fishing, planting and harvesting. Inserting the knowledge of the cabloco’s and their experience in agreement with our projects, empowering the cabloco’s legacy, was rewarding. It revealed talents and lifted the services provided by the team.


From the reception, cooks and room maid, all of them have an effective payment and are residents of the costa do Aritapera community, where the project is located.

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