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We provide a variety of tours in the area. From a few hours up to several days

Our Tours

Tours can be done throughout the year. Enjoy the beauty of our nature in the dry season(July-Januari) with plenty of Tapajos white beaches, or the flooded forests in the wet season(feb-june). There is plenty of beauty all year round.

Below are are some of the tours we can offer, but the possibilities exceed what is listed below.  For more information on tours just call us.


Leaving at 09:00 hours.

A speedboat will take you to canal do Jari for a beautiful nature trip,  seeing houses on stilts from the natives there, visit one of those houses at a beautiful lake with giant waterlilies. The local guide will provide lots of information about the way the natives live and the natural world around you. Your guide will take you for a walk around the floodplain forest, seeing the local wildlife. without a shade of doubt you'll see monkeys, sloth, iguana and butterflies

Around noon you will arrive at Ponte de Pedras where you can have a dilicious lunch, grilled fish, beef and chicken and vegetables. Afterwards relax, swimming in the blue/green water of the river and enjoy the tapajos beach. In the evening we will set course for ponte de cururu, a natural sandbank where we watch the sunset, before returning to Alter do Chao


Surpassing even the beaches and waters of river Tapajos in beauty and clarity. Rio Arapiuns is a popular destination for people who love long white beaches and white sandy dunes. Enjoy the waterfall upstream, visit local communities and admire there craftsmanship and artwork. Call or whatsapp us for more information about the possibilities.


Stay several days at the Ecobase Ximango and experience the world of the native people that live there. Various mini tours/experiences are included. For more information whatsapp or give us a call


Take a guided tour through our national forest. Learn about the local flora and fauna. Various packages are available. The forest can be reached by boat or by car.


We can provide custom tailored fishing trips for fishing enthousiasts. Bring your own gear, otherwise we can provide some simple fishing gear for you. Just give us a call to check out the possibilities and best timing for fishing.

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