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Canal do Jari

Leaving at 09:00 hours.

A speedboat will take you to canal do Jari for a beautiful nature trip,  seeing houses on stilts from the natives there, visit one of those houses at a beautiful lake with giant waterlilies. The local guide will provide lots of information about the way the natives live and the natural world around you. Your guide will take you for a walk around the floodplain forest, seeing the local wildlife. without a shade of doubt you'll see monkeys, sloth, iguana and butterflies

Around noon you will arrive at Ponte de Pedras where you can have a dilicious lunch, grilled fish, beef and chicken and vegetables. Afterwards relax, swimming in the blue/green water of the river and enjoy the tapajos beach. In the evening we will set course for ponte de cururu, a natural sandbank where we watch the sunset, before returning to Alter do Chao

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