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Tours for cruiseship visitors to Santarém

We provide several one day/half day trips in the area. Visit the old city of Santarém, Tapajos National Forest or make a river tour, see the meeting of the waters, get acquainted with  local communities and get educated about their way of living and customs. You can also book a private tour with your group only. Just contact us for the possibilities.


Santarém city tour
duration: 2.5 hours

Take a site seeing tour of the city of Santarém. Visit the old Cathedral, the Town Hall  Museum, Fisherman's Square with a good view of the meeting of the waters, The Fish Market,  historical monuments and get informed about the rich History of this old trading town.


Maica lake river tour
duration: 3.5 hours

 A river boat will take you to the meeting of the waters. Two big rivers(Amazon/Tapajos) floating side by side without mixing.

A stopover at Maica Lake, enjoy the beauty and wildlife of the primal forrest there. Monkeys, sloths, birds etc.
Throw a line in the water and try to catch a piranha the way the locals fish.


FLONA, Tapajos National Forrest
duration: 5 hours

The coach will take you on a one hour trip from Santarem through the rainforrest into the Tapajos National Forest.

An experienced local guide will take you on a one hour hike trough the forest

learn about the project here, to study the effects of lumbering on the forest and the effort to preserve this primal jungle

Get to know some of the most important native trees, see some real old giants.

Get informed about the local wildlife, and if we get lucky, see some of them. Lots of birds, beautiful butterflies, sloth, monkeys etc.

We also provide tailor made private tours, from 1-14 people. Just give us a call or whatsapp and ask about the possibilities 


R. Prof. Juvêncio Navarro, 456 - Alter do Chão, Santarém - PA, 68109, Brazil

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